Overseas shipping

Overseas shipping

Overseas shipping

Overseas shipping

We also accept overseas shipping.
Many owners use it to operate a restaurant overseas.
In the case of overseas shipping, terms and conditions of use are different from domestic shipping such as delivery date, shipping cost, and payment method, so please be sure to read the terms and conditions and notes.

Conditions and notes for using overseas shipping

About delivery time

Please order with due date. You can not specify the date and time.
Shipping to overseas will be delivered about a week to 10 days from the shipping date, but please understand that it may be delayed.
※ In the past, although we hurriedly shipped from Japan, arrival was delayed due to the customs investigation schedule of that country.

About shipping

Shipping will be shipped by EMS (international mail).
In our shop, in case of overseas shipment, in case of overseas shipment, it ships after joining the compensation system. The fee will be paid by the customer, but thank you for your understanding.

※ About the compensation system

It is a system of the post office which compensates for the actual loss amount up to 2 million yen when the product has broken and arrived, or the contents are not enough. Commodity price is free until 20,000 yen, and then pay additional 50 yen for every 20,000 yen.

To list of damages (Japanese only)

about shipping cost

Please check here about the shipping cost.

To EMS Price List (EMS: All countries handled) (Japanese only)

About payment

Payment can be made by advance transfer to a bank account or credit card payment only.
If you choose bank transfer, it will be shipped after payment is confirmed. If you are in a hurry, credit card payment or transfer from a Japanese bank account is recommended.
Please note that the transfer procedure from an overseas bank account takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to confirm payment.

Flow of payment

In the case of credit card payment

  1. Select "Credit Card" as the cart payment method.
  2. First, only the product price is debited with a credit card.
  3. We will deduct the shipping cost after shipping is complete.
    ※ Since I do not know the postage until it actually sends it out, I will separately debit the product and the postage. Please acknowledge.
    ※ If the product price is 20,000 yen or more, the additional costs of 50 yen will be deducted every 20,000 yen for the amount of damage required (product price).
    To list of damages required (Japanese only)

  4. After shipping is complete, we will notify you of the shipping completion email and post office EMS package number.

In the case of advance transfer to a bank account

  1. First of all, we will calculate the shipping cost and the product price and will contact you by email, so please transfer it.
  2. I will send it out if payment can be confirmed.
    (In the case of payment from overseas account, payment confirmation takes about 10 days)
  3. We will notify you of the shipping completion email and post office EMS package number after shipping is complete.